Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap



Track your heart rate with precision using the Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor. Designed for men and women, this accurate and waterproof chest strap offers ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless fitness tracking. Optimize your workouts with real-time heart rate data. Elevate your training today!


Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

Brand: POLAR

Material: Polyester

Color: Black

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

Screen Size: 0.96 Inches

Item Dimensions: LxWxH 1.3 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches

Item Weight: 0.13 Pounds

Battery Life: 400 Hours

Sensor Type: Temperature

Product Dimensions: 1.3″L x 2.6″W x 0.4″H

Product Description: Enhance your fitness journey with the Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap, a premium heart rate sensor designed to provide accurate and real-time heart rate data for both men and women. Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to monitor their heart health, the Polar H10 offers the latest in heart rate monitoring technology, ensuring you get the most out of every workout.

Key Features:

Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring: The Polar H10 utilizes advanced sensor technology to deliver precise and reliable heart rate readings. Monitor your heart rate in real-time to optimize your training intensity and ensure you’re working within your target heart rate zones.

Dual Connectivity – ANT+ and Bluetooth: This heart rate monitor chest strap is equipped with dual connectivity options. Connect seamlessly to a wide range of fitness devices, sports watches, smartphones, and fitness apps using both ANT+ and Bluetooth technologies.

Waterproof Design: Take your workouts to new heights without worrying about sweat or rain. The Polar H10 is waterproof, allowing you to train in various conditions and environments without compromising accuracy.

Comfortable and Adjustable Fit: The soft and flexible chest strap is designed for maximum comfort during workouts. The adjustable strap ensures a snug fit for various body sizes, preventing any discomfort or chafing.

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide array of fitness apps and popular fitness equipment, the Polar H10 helps you seamlessly integrate heart rate monitoring into your training regimen. Track your progress, analyze your data, and make informed decisions to reach your fitness goals faster.

Built-in Memory: The H10 includes a built-in memory function that stores heart rate data from your training sessions. This is especially useful for situations where you might not have a compatible device nearby, ensuring you don’t miss out on important training insights.

Long Battery Life: With extended battery life, the Polar H10 keeps up with your workouts. Enjoy hours of continuous heart rate monitoring on a single battery, allowing you to focus on your training without interruptions.

Wearable Comfort: The chest strap design ensures accurate heart rate monitoring without hindering your movement. Enjoy the freedom to engage in various activities, from running to cycling, with the confidence that your heart rate data is being captured accurately.

Elevate your fitness experience and make every workout count with the Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap. Stay in tune with your body’s signals, optimize your training, and reach your fitness aspirations. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Polar H10 is your reliable companion on the path to better health and performance.

Package Contents:

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

User Manual

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