Mag-Safe Charger: Compatible with iPhone 15 to 12 Pro Max



Wireless Charging Pad: Mag-Safe compatibility for iPhone 15 Pro Max, 14 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max. Includes Mag Charger Pad for AirPods Pro 3 and 2 with a 20W Type-C PD Adapter.


Brand: Bohuma

Connectivity: Wireless with USB connector

Compatibility: iPhone 15 to 12 Pro Max, AirPods 3, other devices. Included: Magnetic Wireless Charger, USB-C cable, 20W PD wall charger.

Special Features: Travel-friendly, Magsafe Compatible, Wireless Charging

Color: White

Input Voltage: 10 Volts

USB Ports: 1

About this item

Introducing the cutting-edge Magnetic Wireless Charger by Bohuma, meticulously crafted for the discerning users of the iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15 Series. Elevate your charging experience with the convenience and sophistication of wireless charging, bidding farewell to the antiquated wired charging methods.

Designed with the iPhone aficionado in mind, this magnetic charger is seamlessly compatible with a range of iPhone models, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 13 Mini, and more. The inclusion of AirPods 3 and 2 Pro compatibility extends its utility to a wider array of Apple devices. The magic lies in the professional Magnetic Clear case, ensuring a secure and efficient charging connection.

Experience the power of strong magnetic suction with the built-in magnet on the charging pad. Simply bring the iPhone close to the pad, and witness an automatic and precise adsorption that initiates charging instantly. The charger also boasts a 360° rotatable angle, allowing you to adjust it according to your charging needs. Note that for optimal results, it is recommended to use a Mag phone case or go caseless, as thicker cases may diminish the magnetic adsorption strength.

The Magnetic Wireless Charger comes complete with a complimentary 20W Type-C Adapter, enhancing the charging speed significantly. With only 2.5-3 hours needed to achieve a full charge, it outpaces other wireless chargers by at least half an hour. The 3.96 ft (1.2M) long cable ensures a wider charging space, freeing you from the constraints of short cables in various settings like the bedside, sofa, car, or office desk.

Safety is paramount, and the charger incorporates multiple intelligent protection features. The built-in charging management chip guards against over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuits, and foreign objects. In case of elevated charging temperatures, the wireless charger will automatically cut off charging, resuming only after the device has cooled down.

Despite its powerful performance, the Magnetic Wireless Charger maintains a miniaturized design, making it incredibly portable and versatile. Its compact size allows it to effortlessly slip into pockets, shoulder bags, handbags, or travel bags. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, this charger seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, offering an unparalleled blend of style and functionality.

As part of the package, you’ll receive the Magnetic Wireless Charger, the 20W PD Fast wall charger, a comprehensive User Manual, and a Caution card. Additionally, rest easy with our reliable after-sales team, available 24/7 to address any queries or concerns. We stand behind the quality of our product, supporting a one-year return and exchange warranty service. Make the switch to the future of charging with Bohuma’s Magnetic Wireless Charger – where innovation meets practicality.


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