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Things to keep in mind when buying a smartwatch

Your new watch should not only be smart; you want it to work with your gadgets and have the right functions as well. We go through what you should think about while buying a smartwatch.

Have you decided to get a smartwatch? Make sure you do not miss these important things when choosing the right one.

There are some things that are important to keep in mind:


First: Your smartwatch must work with your phone. If you run an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the hottest choice, but a Pebble can be an interesting alternative. Several new Android Wear watches also work with iOS but not with as many features as if you were running an Android phone.

For Android owners, Android Wear is the most obvious choice, again with Pebble as the most interesting challenger.

Samsung, which previously required you to have a Samsung Galaxy phone for its Gear watches, is now releasing it and the Gear S2 will work for other Android models as well, although some features may be limited.

If you drive a Windows phone, the situation is not as fun, at the time of writing there is no smartwatch with good support. Pebble-like Hot Watch states that they have Windows 8.1 support, but it will not go on sale until later this fall. And Microsoft says Pebble support is on the way for upcoming Windows 10 phones. Some “semi-smart” watches and training bracelets are available with Windows Phone support. 


Like computers, smartwatches are minimal, but like wristwatches, many smartwatches are real blocks. Therefore, it is even more important that you have the opportunity to try on your watch for a while before you strike so that you get a feel for what they look like on your arm.

Apple Watch, and also several of the new watches that were shown at IFA in September, are available in large and small versions. They are sometimes called men’s and women’s watches, but the women’s watches were also in “men’s size” if you look at the dimensions of ordinary mechanical wristwatches.

Features and apps

What do you want to do with your watch? Smartwatches can have a variety of connection options, sensors and functions.

If you want the watch as a training companion, make sure that it has functions such as pedometers, altimeters, heart rate monitors and maybe even built-in GPS (if you want to avoid having your mobile phone with you when you are out and about).

Do you manage with Bluetooth syncing to your mobile or do you want to supplement with a wifi connection or maybe even your own 3g or 4g receiver? Then there are fewer watches that are right for you.

Also, check how much memory the watch has. Some apps can quickly take up a lot of storage space, such as a navigation app that saves map information locally.

Battery life 

Battery life differs significantly between different types and different models of smartwatch. Most have a lifespan of around two days and the most energy-efficient up to a week. But it also makes a clear difference between watches that on paper should be about as good.

Be sure to read independent tests of a watch you are curious about before you strike so that you can take part in others’ experience of battery consumption.


Look at what the range of bracelets for watches looks like. This is a gadget that you should carry with you and be comfortable with day in and day out, then it must fit comfortably on the wrist, and if you are not happy with what is included, it is very worthwhile to be able to replace the.

Some smartwatches have the same standard on the case and bracelet mount as regular wristwatches, and then there are a lot of bracelets to choose from at your local watchmaker. For the most part, there are also options for watches that have their solutions for bracelets, but there the range can be more limited, and if you are unlucky, it is not even possible to change.