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360 S7 – a suction robot with top performance and affordable price

Robot Vacuum and Mop

Suction robots have become more and more attractive lately, and this is normal. We all want to make tasks more efficient and devote time to the essential things. If a few years ago, few could touch these devices due to high prices, now that things have changed quite a lot. The competition has become more and more important in this niche, where we have more and more extremely efficient vacuum cleaners, which come with very competitive prices. The 360 S7 model is one of them.

After the last two generations’ success, 360 S5 and 360 S6, the company now comes with a suction robot, which is intended to be the best buy in this product category. Not only does it boast excellent performance, but also a very good price of $ 439.99 ($140.00 extra savings when you apply coupon). 

The 360 ​​S7 is a budget suction robot, a faithful copy of the Roborock S50, in my opinion.

It comes with an LDS laser, which scans the entire surface to make a virtual map so that the robot knows where to vacuum. Use the SLAM algorithm for a more efficient route. In addition to previous generations, it also includes a mop. Once the water tank is installed, it switches automatically to mop mode and vice versa after the tank is removed. From what I saw on the Roborock S50, the mop is more like to refresh the vacuumed surface. It is not as effective as the classic mop.

360 S7 has three operating modes depending on the noise level. Reaches a maximum of 65 dB. It sucks at a power of 2000 Pa, similar to the Roborock S50. Detects when vacuuming carpets and increases absorption power.

The battery has a capacity of 3200 mAh, which ensures a range of up to 120 minutes. What does this mean? That it can suck about 150 sqm. When it reaches 20% battery, the robot automatically goes to the charging dock.

The suction robot can be controlled from the application compatible with both Android and iOS or via Alexa. From the application, you can set a suction schedule, days, hours, and other details.

360 S7 can be bought from in the Amazon store , and now you can get it at a discount if you go here and click on add coupon code .